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These are pictures from the Jan 26, 08 Bulldog Canyon run with Nissan 4 Wheelers.  We forgot our camera so these are from pictures John took.

The trail starts out easy.

It gets tough quick though!  This was an optional line down a series of waterfalls.  The first real test on the new axles.

Andy didnt quite have the clearance for this line.  We managed to get him out and put his driveshaft back together without too much trouble.

The rear right tire sunk into the sand and almost tipped the beast over here.

The trail had incredible obstacles like this every 100 yards or so.  Never a dull moment, but slow going.

Here's Justin tackling an obstacle in the beast.

Three available lines, I took the middle and got hung up real good.  We finally ended up pulling the big rock out from in front of my axle and I was able to drive out.  Someone thought it would be funny to zip tie a new grill on my truck while I was getting unstuck.  The new axles and covers were smashed against, dropped on and drug over numerous rocks.  They took the abuse and begged for more.

The guy in the Comanche had been complaining every time someone got stuck saying that we weren't going to be able to run much of the trail because of it.  He then proceeded to take the most ridiculous line and get stuck worse than anyone else.  He also managed to snap his panhard bar tie rod end while he was being recovered.  It did look really cool though!  We managed to cut off the bent part of his tie rod end and get enough good threads to get it back together good enough to get him home.

The two jeeps turned around at this point to limp home and the rest of us went on.  We only made it another mile or so before we got to a part that we didn't want to try to tackle and made the decision to turn around and go out the way we came.  We had a few more minor hang-ups and recoveries but made it out quicker than we went in.

The trail was awesome!  Beautiful scenery, crazy obstacles and loads of fun.  I beat the crap out of my truck though.  I dropped it on it's rear bumper at least a dozen times (once from about 3 feet up, that one hurt), drug the axles over rocks, smashed them into rocks, ground up the new wheels (bent a rim), smashed a door into a rock and pinched a sidewall enough to poke a hole in it.  I'm sore, but this was definitely a trail I'll be running again.