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These are pictures from the Nov 14, 07 Lower and Upper Woodpecker run with Nissan 4 Wheelers.

Andy was the first one on the trail, and broke an axle on the first obstacle.  We managed to get him backed off the obstacle, and he bypassed the remainder of lower and ran all of upper with 3 wheel drive.

The only trucks that managed to make it up the first obstacle had solid front axles.

After I made it up the "easy" route through lower, I came back down the hard way and went back up the easy way a second time.

Here's the group heading through Upper Woodpecker

About a second after this shot my front wheel was 5 feet off the ground

More shots of Upper Woodpecker.

Here's me not quite getting my tires in the right place.  My rear tire slid off the rock and set me down on my diff with my rear wheels spinning and my front wheels in sand.

I tugged myself off the rock with my winch, and stopped with my front diff up against a rock.  Pulled the cable out a second time and finished getting through the easy obstacle.

More shots of Upper Woodpecker

After running Woodpecker, a few of us headed down Ajax.  About 5 minutes after the group separated, Goat's rig busted a u-bolt (due to improper setup).  An hour later we were back on the road with some ratchet straps holding his shit together.