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These are my pictures from a camping trip with Nissan 4 Wheelers and AZXOC near the Coke Ovens in Florence, AZ.

Shortly after we got out of Box Canyon our group got split up.  We never did find the other group but we did hear that they made it out safely.  While we were waiting for them to catch up I played around on a big hill and almost flipped my truck.  Justin didn't think he got a picture of it, but apparently he did.  I ended up standing the truck pretty much straight up in the air.  It was resting on the spare tire and bumper, that's all the kept me from going over.  Once the truck stopped moving I put it in reverse and gunned it to get back on all 4 wheels and down the hill.

We stopped at the Coke Oven's for a little while then headed down to the Gila River.  After we crossed the river we stopped to cool off for a while.

We went a bit further up river and found a good spot to camp and set up for the night.  A couple kayakers came out at our beach and hung out with us for a while.