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Here are a few shots of the truck from when I first brought it home.  We did a little suspension testing in the back yard with some cinder blocks.  It wasn't fully articulated in these shots, probably could have gotten at least 1 more cinder block under there but they started breaking and falling over.

Here's pictures from our camping trip 8-2 through 8-6.

We found an awesome camping spot up between Heber and Payson.  Across the highway from Patrick's Pond for anyone that knows where that is.


This is the "road" that leads to the campsite.   We didn't see a single person come up it the whole time we were there.  A few deer and wild turkey, but no people.

 This is a 110' observation tower near Promontory Butte.  We climbed to the top and had a look (110' is a lot of stairs to climb at 8000 feet)

This is the view off of Promontory Butte.

This is a view off of another point on the Mogollon Rim.  You can see the fish hatchery near Christopher Creek from here.

The road down to that lookout was one of the better roads we took.  Amber's excellent photography skills make it look as if I'm driving on level ground.  Check the trees and the horizon for a better idea of how steep the "road" was.

The rest of the road was pretty muddy and real rocky.

Here's some shots of Justin driving the truck back to camp (more shots of the road leading to camp).

My personal favorite picture from the trip.

Special request shot for Justin.

The only real casualty from the trip was a broken shock mount.  I snapped it clean off the front axle driving down a maintained road.  A puddle in the road was much deeper than it looked.