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Here are my pictures from AZ Run VII with Nissan 4 Wheelers.  There are a lot of them so please be patient while the page loads.

Day 1, Tonto National Monument and Tonto Foothills trail.  My front spindle bearings died on the way to the trailhead so no pictures from the trail that day.

Day 2, Pyeatt Draw.  Steve's shock mount ripped out on his way to the trailhead, Terrance did a nice trailside weld job and we were able to finish the trail.

Day 3, Log Corral.  Keith bent a tie rod on the first big obstacle so half the group ended up missing out on the majority of the trail.  My pictures end there.  Keith was able to sleeve the tie rod and make it back to camp with us.

Day 4, Rocker Panel Pass.  This was the end of the trail runs for my truck.  Broken hub lock, broken rear diff housing and a loss of power steering meant I had to limp home.  Keith welded up the rear axle as good as possible and I strapped the shock mounts together to prevent the axle tube from falling out.  I was able to limp home in 1 wheel drive (front right) to avoid stressing the rear axle.

Day 5, Sunflower Mine.  Justin rode along with Steve on this run.   This was the the day we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day with Cabbage punting and corned beef cooked by Marshall back at camp.