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Here are my pictures from AZ Run X in Florence Junction with Nissan 4 Wheelers.  There are a lot of them so please be patient while the page loads.

Day 0 and 00 we ran the entrance of Axle Alley, up to the big waterfall.

Day 1 we ran Lower, Middle and Upper Woodpecker.

Brandon and Justin (he was driving) both fell into the firehole and we had to turn around.  I lost a body panel, Brandon broke his t-case in half...

Day 2 we ran Elvis

Day 3 was Martinez Cabin and the Martinez Mine loop.

A bat in one of the mines.

The light at the end of a very long tunnel.

The bat again

Javelina anyone?

I've never seen a Gila Monster up close before!


Day 4 was Jack Handle

And on the last day we rested.... Just kidding, we ran Ajax and Upper Ajax.

Love was in the air!

Driveshaft fell out...

I guess I can't say I've never had it on its side...

AZ Run X picture

Many dead soldiers