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Here are my pictures from our Ouray, CO trip with Nissan 4 Wheelers in August/September 2010.

The first night after driving to just outside Cortez, CO we camped down a little 2 track muddy road.  We got there after dark due to tire problems and I had some body damage to the bedside from a tread seperation.

The next day we drove into Ouray and got set up at the KOA.  Monday we hit the trails, it was cold and looked like rain but we decided to tackle Yankee Boy Basin and Imogene Pass.  We got snowed on at Yankee Boy and had 50+ mph winds with hail on top of Imogene (I did not get any pictures on the pass as we were in too much of a hurry to get off the mountain to somewhere warmer).

This is Yankee Boy Basin


Then we came back down out of the snow and started on Imogene Pass.

The zig-zag trail down the cliff in the distance is Black Bear


Tuesday we ran Part of Mineral Creek, Poughkeepsie Gulch, Part of California Pass, Hurricane Pass and Corkscrew Pass.

The "hidden" waterfall on Mineral Creek


The Deer was watching us closely.

Too much mud, not enough traction.

"The Wall" on Poughkeepsie Gulch

Moments earlier both of Andy's passenger tires were in the air.  He got a tug the rest of the way up.

Lake Como

Posing on California Pass

Only got a few shots on the way back down.

Carnage from Poughkeepsie Gulch.  Busted hub lock, I drove out with my spare hub flange installed.

Wednesday we ran the Alpine Loop (Mineral Creek to Engineer Pass to Cinnamon Pass) then came back to camp by running California Pass, Hurricane Pass and Corkscrew Pass.  There are lots of old mining buildings and equipment along these trails.  This was a cool house at the end of Mineral Creek.

Here we're at the top of Engineer Pass

There were Marmots all around on the trails.

We finally remembered to start taking pictures of the signs at the top of the passes on Cinnamon Pass.

This is Animas Forks, you pass through it going from Cinnamon Pass to California Pass.

Thursday we ran Black Bear.

Where is the road?  All I see is a cliff...

There's Telluride.

Narrow with a steep drop-off, perfect for my wide truck...

Even the Jeep had to make a 20 point turn on the first switchback.

Safe at the bottom at last.

Friday we ran Governor's Basin.  We hiked up to the mine, which is not the easiest thing to do at 12,000+ feet.

Several HUGE rocks had fallen out of the cliff and demolished some of the old mining buildings and equipment.

A lot of equipment was left at this mine.

By the time we left Colorado, driving on a road like this felt normal...

Saturday we ran Red Mountain Mining Area, Porphyry Gulch and Ophir Pass.

Amber found a new friend!

A lot of rust comes down the washes from all the old mining equipment.


We ran the first half of the Red Mountain Mining Area then ran Porphyry Gulch.  Someone added "very very very very very Narrow" and "No Hummers" to this sign.  I probably should have heeded the warning.

Only Robin and I came this far, neither one of us wanted to drive past that point.

Amber snapped some pictures as Robin and I made our way out.  Unfortunately she was tilting the camera and it looks like the road is fairly level, in fact the entire thing is tilted towards the cliff.

This part was very narrow and very tippy (I know it doesn't look like it in the picture, see my previous comment).  On the way I actually stopped and broke out the shovel to widen the trail a bit for my big truck.

There were several places where the road was washed out and the washouts were just filled with rocks.  I really should have heeded the warnings on the sign, but we managed to make it through safely.

After running the Gulch we crossed the highway again and ran the rest of the Red Mountain Mining Trail.

Ophir Pass was fairly uneventful, but we had some extra time on our last day so we ran it.