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Apr '11 Sunflower Mine

March '11 Bradshaw Mountains

Feb '11 Saguaro Lake

Jan '11 Upper Woodpecker and Hiway 2 Hell

Jan '11 Upper Ajax and Upper Upper Ajax

Jan '11 Rocker Panel Pass


Nov '10 Elvis

Oct '10 Axle Alley

June '10 Pyeatte Draw

May '10 Pyeatte Draw

Feb '10 Sunflower Mine

Feb '10 Back Road to Crown King

Jan '10 Martinez Cabin Loop

Jan '10 Martinez Cabin Loop

Jan '10 Lower/Upper Ajax

Nov '09 Squeeze Rock

Oct '09 Hackberry Creek

Jun '09 Sunflower Mine

Feb '09 HiWay to Hell

Jan '09 Packsaddle

Jan '09 Ajax Mine

Dec '08 Table Mesa

May '08 Saguaro Lake Coves

April '08 Sandy Beach

January '08 Bulldog Canyon

December '07 Swanky Snow Run

December '07 Edwards Park Loop

November '07 Upper and Lower Woodpecker

November '07 Punkin Center

May '07 Saguaro Lake Coves

Dec '06 N4W Box Canyon (Martinez Cabin and Coke Ovens with a Gila River crossing)

Nov '06 N4W Pyeatt Draw

Dec '06 N4W Sycamore Creek (Rocker Panel Pass)

Nov '06 Saguaro Lake Coves

Nov '06 N4W Broken Arrow and Soldiers Pass Trails

Aug '06 N4W Sunflower Mine Trail

Aug '06 Pyeatt Draw